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A group is a set of users that can be added to a project for access control. Each group can be given one of three different types of permissions on a project:

  • View - Users of this group can see a project and its contained project files and download any analysis metadata. They cannot create or delete project files, modify any metadata, or push any analysis snapshots. They can interact with the project file chat.
  • Edit - Users of this group can see and modify the project and its project files. They can create and delete project files, modify metadata, and push analysis snapshots. They cannot delete the project or assign other Users to groups on the project.
  • Admin - Users of this group have all permissions in the project. They can change project metadata and all project files, delete the project, and assign or unassign other users to groups on the project (including other users in the admin group).

A group can be created through the client or through the "Groups" section of the admin interface.

Users can be added to or removed from a group through the client or by selecting the group in the "Groups" section of the admin interface. Users on the right are in the group and users on the left may be added to the group:

Add/Remove Users in Group