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Management Interface

The management interface (manage_server) is a custom application, created by Vector 35, that is intended to make management of the Enterprise server easier. This application largely wraps the docker executable and provides all the necessary environment variables and parameters, so you don't need to remember them yourself.

Each version of the Enterprise server is, currently, tied directly to a specific version of the management interface. This is despite the two having different version numbers. You can check the version of the management interface by doing manage_server --version at any time. This executable will be updated any time the install or update commands are issued, unless the --no-update-self flag is passed.


The management interface and admin interface are intended to be the same version. Using mis-matched versions should generally be expected to work if you need them to, but this is not officially supported or tested. We understand that some corporate environments have a complex change management process, so we've provided the means to prevent the update if necessary. Neither the images used, nor the server management executable, will be updated unless the install or update commands are issued.